Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In the Spirit of Things

With busier days ahead,
hustle and bustle times upon us,
and rushed, dark evenings too,
it's more important than ever to stay healthy...
and to shop easily!

I thought I'd share some holiday hints
everyday pamperings with you!
"Rejuvenate your mind and refresh your body".

{Buttermint candy} 

I re-visited one of my all-time favorite shops:
DancingMooney...on etsy!
  And now I just have to share her
boutique-style shop with you!

{Emily. Teal Butterfly Charm Necklace}

Janell, creator of DancingMooney,
is the maker of beauty and natural goodness.
Her shop is irresistibly refreshing and pretty!

I can say first-hand that you'll feel better
when you use her homemade moisturizing soaps
and scrubs in soft, pretty scents...

{Lavender Pumpkin} 

...and just as wonderful when you share them
and give them as gifts!
(My co-teacher wants the Buttermint Candy one next!)

 {sugar cookie}

 {Vanilla Mint and Oatmeal}

{Mineral Bath Salts}

Brand new lotions by Janell...

...soothe winter dry skin
and rejuvenate
with their skin healing properties.
I LOVE these!

I am trying to declutter
and go with my mantra of Less is More,
so this year I don't want to give gifts of stuff, you know?

I want to give homemade, feel-good gifts
whenever I can.
Practical and useful.
I like DancingMooney's clean, simple style
and natural goodness.

Need a small gift to pass or a hostess gift? Janell even offers a gift set with any bar of yummy soap you choose, with a natural juniper wood soap dish, all wrapped up pretty & ready to give, for ten bucks! (Wow. How could I NOT tell you?!)

Stop in by November 15 and you can even receive 15% off with code: EARLYBIRD15 !

Shopping in my jammies...


Kristin said...

That is so beautiful!! I love these pictures and checked out the shop - I agree, this is a wonderful idea for gifts - I will do that, thank you!!! xoxoxo

DancingMooney said...

Oh Kathy! How can I not love you?! This is so special, thank you SO much!!!! Words can not say how grateful I am that we've crossed paths... ♥

Createology said...

Lovely handmade gifts for giving to special people. Less is best and that is my goal this holiday season. Blissful pj shopping...

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the link.. I am going to go check out her shop.. Looks like some yummy stuff to buy!!! And that is the best way to shop... In your Jammies..

Hugs, Linda

Lesley Edmonds said...

I so love to shop in jammies :) I very rarely go to town now as can't stand the busyness. I love to buy locally made and handmade products as gifts. Glad to hear you are joining in with decluttering. Isn't it therapeutic!!!

Since our major declutter, I was thinking - the other day - if I had just one minute to grab something from our home apart from hubby and cats) what could I not do without and only ONE thing spring to mind - my external hard drive which contains ALL my photos....simple!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful shop with us.


Unknown said...

What a wonderful shop, I'm going to check it out today! Shopping in jammies is the BEST kind. ~Alicia♥

JessiVille said...

Ooooh, a lovely shop! I would love to try the buttermint soaps. Thank you for sharing this treasure with us!

Jessi xox

Lancerika said...

Delicious eye candy:)
love this shop!