Saturday, April 9, 2016

April Love Letters...some more

    Dear Younger Me,

   Dear Imagination,

 Thank you for visiting.  Thank you to Susannah Conway for this April project...I love it.  And now I can see that I needed it.  It found me at just the right time.  I love that.  My Word for this year is Spirit, so this is nourishing my soul.  Gratitude and Love.  Yes, gratitude and love...and love letters.  Ah

    Peace to you,


Living in the Moment said...

So glad I came across your blog -- Enjoying your site -- I, too am engaging in Susannah's Course & uncovering my true self ... Nice to meet you, Kristine Xx

Createology said...

I am late to this posting yet I am happy to be reading your April Love Letters. Aren't we so fortunate to be able to recognize and honor our loves?!! Beautiful Dear...