Friday, October 19, 2012

Listening to the Colors

I am blessed with the route I take to work.
More often than not, an amazing,
blazing ahead of me as I drive.

Sure, it's way too early
and I'd rather be in bed
under the warm covers
then I would have missed the wonder
of mornings,
favorite part of the day
with the paint palette
of miracles.

And, oh, the sunsets
way home...!

Peace to you
happy Friday!



Anonymous said...

you are one very lucky lady.

bohemiannie! art said...

What a great attitude you have.

Createology said...

Beautiful Sunrise and Sunset in the very same day?!! Being grateful to enjoy them is bliss...

Kelly Kilmer said...

Gorgeous! Love your attitude! :)

K J D said...

Perfect pages..... love the colours you have used on your page


Anonymous said...

I love the colors you used!! So peaceful...perfect for the words on your post...lucky you to have such a nice drive to/from work. BTW...the Mod Podge mask didn't work ;(...but I will be posting the next set of layers later today. I finished it but I haven't counted all the layers yet.

Jennifer Richardson said...

palatte of miracles....gahhh I love

you are such a poet, friend:)

thanks for the peace,

DancingMooney said...

Ohhh Kathy, I love this color palette!

Unknown said...

Sunfishes and sunsets are so amazing. When I used to work in manhattan in the mid 1980s, the sunsets over New Jersey were so spectacular. Sadly, pollution was the cause of some o the most brilliant colors. Glad you get to see beautiful and natural ones. And thank you for your kind comments on my blog today. I really appreciate it.

Unknown said...

This is such an uplifting post. You have me smiling my friend. Your page has so much wonderful color. I love it.


E Makes Art said...

Such a lovely post! "with the paint palette
of miracles"... so beautiful!

Thanks for inspiring me!

Taylor schapiro said...

Love these colors Kathy. How is school going? When is Thanksgiving?, this week seems to be okay, but we all know about next week. Cheers...xxoo t