Saturday, October 27, 2012



Amidst tangled, zig zag thoughts
there is,
a straight line
that sends out softness to the
rough edges

Sending comfort • hope• peace• out into the universe
so there's more
if you need it



Journal spread made with layers:
gesso and acrylic paints first,graphite pencil sketch,
paper and fabric scrap collage,ink stamping,
black Sharpie pen,and
white Sharpie Paint Marker writing.


Createology said...

Beautiful Kathy Dear. I, for one, am going to accept your comfort, hope and peace. Blessings...

Jenny said...

Beautiful Kath... the zig zag thoughts with the chevron tape... perfect... the words so heartfelt... another gorgeous art journal page...

Jenny ♥

Unknown said...

Sending love your way!
I was just talking about you this morning. Were your ears burning? I was talking about how much fun we had this summer and how your visit was the BEST part of my summer! I miss you!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Sending it right back to you! Hope you are hanging in there!


K J D said...

and to you too...

what a beautiful and meaningful page


Introverted Art said...

i feel a little angst in this piece. wishing you the best this sunday.

Jennifer Richardson said...

my thoughts have traveled
that zig
and zag
lately too:)
love and grace to you,

denthe said...

Lovely words ...