Friday, February 21, 2014

Having Fun and Feelin' Creative

This is a vacation week, winter break.
I am able to focus and create and play
better. This is just too much fun.

I strongly encourage you to play too!

Ah, it just feels good.

~also enjoying the Winter Olympics
my granddaughter-time!




DancingMooney said...

Looking at time in moments, not numbers! I love it!!! xoxo!

Createology said...

Such a beautiful way to look at time. So thankful you are enjoying your week with creative playing, Olympics and most precious granddaughter. Blissful Joy Dear...

Unknown said...

Makes me feel good just looking at it! xo

Kamana said...

oh yes we are enjoying the winter olympics too... particularly the skating.

Kristin said...

Lovely pages! Hope your break was great! xoxo

Jennifer Richardson said...

play is such a powerful thing.
thanks for the beautiful reminder.