Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Favorite Part of the Day

I so enjoy when I can stay home in the morning, instead of running off in the wee hours of darkness. Last Sunday morning, the leaves were golden and just glowing in the early sunlight. I smiled up at the brilliant blue sky, and admired nature's paintings. Then, I got my camera.

I am learning how to do new things with my camera and my computer, so I plan on doing more with these photos eventually. For now, though, I am enjoying my weekend morning just a bit longer.


Lancerika said...

Awesome Autumnal tints sight!!
love it so much ♥K♥

will trade your Autumn leaves for record 90 degrees sticky Heat
and boring palm trees...ugh!
you + Mia are the luckiest girls in this
whole world
Best Wishes

lori vliegen said...

your morning looks like it was as gorgeous as your photos!! i love living in florida, but i SO miss the autumn leaves (the colors, not the raking!). hugs, :))

Veronica said...

Those leaves look stunning.

Ludid said...

i do love the blue sky peaking through the leaves; stunning colors.

Martha Lever said...

Oh what beautiful fall leaves!