Friday, April 27, 2012

An Open Window...and Oh! My 500th Post!

This is the background spread that I made almost two weeks ago.
I finally felt inspired to write on it!

I have been busier than usual lately,
and it's difficult for me to clear my head enough
to focus on one wonderful thing when my brain is involved
to saturation point
in so many things.
You know how that is, I'm certain!

But then after another negative surprise at work
and a SLAMming door,
that wonderful window opened up,
and well,
I felt inspiration
to play in my favorite place,
my journal.

I wish for you
that when someone tries to bore a hole in your spirit,
you fight like heck to not
let them cut through.

Don't absorb their negative...
hold fast.

Focus on
the part of you that loves
and gives
and is fresh air.

The window will open
soon after that door slams shut.

This is my 500th post!
I couldn't be more thrilled!
It had to be a happy one!

Thank you! I am bustin' that I have been invited
to share 500 thoughts with you.
I thank you for caring and commenting
when you visit.
I love it.
Happy weekend, friends!


Jenny said...

Gorgeous page Kathy... and congrats on your 5ooth post... beautiful words and I am glad that window of inspiration opened up... aren't art journals just the best...

Jenny x

Kelly Kilmer said...

Happy 500th post!
I hope that things get much better very, very soon!
Here's to many, many, many more great blog posts!

Ophelia said...

Wow!!! Awesome Journal spread!!! Thank YOU my friend for sharing 500 thoughts with us!! Great post today!

Cat said...

Happy 500! Thanks for sharing your beautiful art and thought! Keep up the good attitude!

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh that is such a fantastic POST!!!
wowzers...feeling this
to my bones.
Brought to mind, for some reason
I cannot figure, the book
The 500 Hats of Bartholemew Cubbins.
I think that was the name?
Anyway, keep climbing,
your hats are becoming more brilliant
with each step:):):)

Lynn Fisher said...

You are so wonderfully, fun and positive...even when dealing with hard things. My best to you on your 500th post!!!

Linda R said...

What a happy post.. I just love your energy. Congrats to you on 500 post. That is so cool!!!

Hugs, Linda

Createology said...

Kathy congratulations on your 500th post. What a wonderful celebration. Yes, we are thankful for the window of opportunity that opens to bring us forward again. Blessings dear...

Zena said...

Wonderful page, I needed to read something like this today, negativity can ruin not only our mood, but also our spirit... thanks! and congrants on your 500th post xx