Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Embracing it

I have experienced many emotions
in a whirlwind these past few days.
I could see the leaves of my confusion blowing and whirling in windy circles.

But with a little help...
...I am finding my way again.

And this time, I don't mind doing it  s l o w l y.

I just began a great new e-course
by Kelly Kilmer:
"Finding My Way"



DancingMooney ♥ said...

Slow and steady wins the race Kathy, didn't you say that to me once? :)

Introverted Art said...

Glad you are feeling better Kathy. You went through a very traumatic experince...

Mary said...

i can see you loving her class...she uses lots of collage elements and really lots of cool tape!! :)

glad you are taking it easy and not doing too much too soon.

sleep well!


jgr said...

Glad you are "Finding your way" through the trauma. Take care and enjoy the class!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Looking forward to seeing more of your pages.
Just remember moment by moment and try not to beat yourself up over it! ;)
Thanks for the kind words and mention. You are very kind!

Linda R said...

So glad to hear you are finding your way. Love your page. And that sounds like a great class.


Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Yes!! Take it slow and take care of yourself. Looking forward to hearing about your class!!

Lynn Fisher said...

Love this journal...is the one in the photo the one you made? Awesome!!!!