Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Natural Instincts

This is a journal page from the other day.

I was in a very botanical mood
and then that went into a natural feeling
and that went to Natural Instincts
and then...
to realizing that I don't trust my own instincts...

(I am not good at first impressions:
making them or figuring out others')

and that led to refocusing myself, and 
to trusting myself more,

and well, here's where I ended up!

I am somewhat of a wallflower.
(But you may have known that already).

Not that there's anything wrong with that.
It's what comes most naturally.



Tracy said...

This is beautiful. I love the subtle green/blues. Very vintage. So glad to hear that the storms were kind to you. And those rainbows lift the heart .

Juls said...

fabulous pages!! Love the colours and the torn edges!! ..... In answer to your question the books I have bought are mixed media girls by suzi blu Collage Coture by Julie Nutting doodles unleashed by Traci Bautista ... to be honest I went on to buy the one on doodleing because it is something I fancy but not been brave enough to try, then adverts for the others came up and they accidentaly fell into my basket too!!! lol!! I had to stop looking because I could see that there was loads more that I would NEED!!! Hugs Juls

Createology said...

This page is beautiful and you are such a smart girl to realize your "natural instincts". Putting your thoughts on paper is always empowering dear...

Jenny said...

Love this page Kath... its gorgeous vintage feel... and the picture with the text around it... a wonderful reminder for us all about self trust...

Jenny ♥

Jennifer Richardson said...

i'm tracking with you....i like
the way your mind works:)