Saturday, March 2, 2013

That Red Rose

I needed a simple collage
to even out the clutter in my brain.

It felt wonderful to touch beautiful papers
and smudge a giant glue stick. 

the task of writing focuses my brain,
clarifies my thoughts,
and brings me
centered into the moment.




Createology said...

The art of writing is very clarifying. I prefer to clarify butter. :o) Lovely page my dear and that rose is bliss. Wonderful Weekend of Joy to you...

Shahrul Niza said...

Wonderful page, Kathy :). The red rose is totally stunning. I find that writing calms & quieten my mind too, see I'm not too chatty :). HUGS.

Jenny said...

Shifting into the moment... allowing clarity and the stillness of feeling centered... beautiful words Kathy... and gorgeous page... it reflects all of that...

Jenny ♥

Ophelia said...

This is so very encouraging and inspiring!! Today I will borrow the idea of simple to quiet all of the clutter going on inside my head!!

Nancy said...

I think you have spoken to a need in all of us and thank you for inspiring and encouraging us...I know I really needed to see and hear this today...

jgr said...

I love the rose, and your words really struck a chord with me: Sometimes it clears my head just to page through my sketch book/journal. Thank you for the inspiration!

Jennifer Richardson said...

the beauty of your process
and your heart
and your art
relaxes me deep
every time I come here.
thank you....big, big thanks,

Juls said...

This is beautiful, glad the journaling cleared your head, hugs Juls