Friday, June 14, 2013

Let Me Breathe

So sorry I haven't been around all week.
 With all of the new rules and blame on teachers,
I have had nothing but paperwork and assessments...

So, after another 10-hour day,
I came home, TGIF, 
and finally took a ten minute break to
to let some creativity OUT.


Make art.

I plan on using this sketch,
finishing this sketch, journaling with this sketch...
for now,
I wanted to let you know that I am
trying my best
and feeling like any day now
I WILL be shot out of the cannon.

I love my students
the paperwork and testing is abominable.



Anonymous said...

Hi Kath!

You'll make it through all that horrid paperwork. Just finished 9 years of homeschooling my son. Gotta tell you, the students hate the paperwork too! hahahahha Looking forward to more posts, darling. Keep well! With love, your friend Gwyn :)

Createology said...

Too much red tape and wasted time. Stress for you and not good for anyone including the kids. Make time for you to play this weekend dear...

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hope you can find some down time soon. I'm quite tired of hearing so much blame put in teachers. They are undervalued and underpaid!

Linda R said...

Finding a little bit of time to create probably helps with the stresses of life..


Juls said...

fab sketch! Hugs Juls

Mary said...

This sketch is wonderful Kathy! Just a few more days...

Jennifer Richardson said...

it's sad what the system
is doing to our wonderful teachers.
keep the faith.
keep shining,
and don't let the sparkle die.
you're a treasure.