Sunday, October 13, 2013

Journaling Pages & Spreads from Nature's Inspiration

The page above was inspired by today's walk.
I LOVE this warm autumn weather.
I can enjoy the leaves!

Below: I don't think I showed you 
this whole collage spread before.

 ...nor this finished one, from August, below:

 This one is from a few days ago:

My time outdoors
is my time for quiet and
for gratitude.

This 3-day weekend
I am all alone
and I have time to rest,
catch up,

It is good.



Dawn Paoletta said...

What a lovely crop of pages! As always you inspire me!

Nancy said...

Your first page certainly reflects your walk today; it's peaceful and beautiful and I love all the leaves...God certainly paints a picture for us as He changes the seasons.....

I am glad you have a long weekend and I hope you fill to the brim with what makes you happy....

Introverted Art said...

Wow Kathy the photos are so pretty. I wish we had autumn in Florida, be able to see the colors changing...

Createology said...

May your three days be Joyful and allow you much happiness and peace. Your pages are each beautiful and restful and creative...a gift from your soul and artistic talents. Life is good dear...

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Yay for 3 day weekends! :)

Your pages are always so beautiful. I love watching the leaves change color too, thank you for sharing your pages with us Kathy!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Time all alone is a luxury and I'm glad you got to bathe in it, friend:)
Soaked it in, I hope!
Your pages are beautiful,
as is your heart:)

Tracy said...

Oooh, this just evokes shuffling through crispy autumn leaves when there is a pleasant nip in the air but it's not so cold that you need a coat. Wonderful!

Linda R said...

Sounds perfect.. All your pages inspire me so. Thanks..


Caatje said...

Beautiful pages. I love the soft colours you use. And the picture of the fall leafs is gorgeous.

Jennifer Richardson said...

Hope you're enjoying the sweet solitude
and feeling the love that
wraps and keeps you always,

Kristin said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! xoxo

Tammy N said...

Beautiful fall journal pages and photos!

Anonymous said...

I am loving how autumn in translating to your pages! Gorgeous. And a 3 day weekend alone sounds like HEAVEN to me.

missy k said...

What beautiful pages Kathy.

I really hope you had a great weekend... it sounds rather lovely!

Karen x

pauline said...

oh i love everything about this. Your journal pages, the beautiful fall photos... the 3 day weekend to yourself. Those are precious, aren't they? I also love the fall. It just feels like such a creative time. Thanks for sharing Kathy. xox

Valerie Sjodin said...

Kathy, I love visiting your blog! Just the good medicine I need before I go out on my autumn walk today. Thank you!

Jeanne said...

Just happened to stop by to visit fron Nancy's Created for this Journey, and love your journaling examples. i journal all of the time for years and always love seeing some new ideas! Thanks for sharing these, and I am your newest follower. Will look forward to seeing more of your posts!