Thursday, November 28, 2013

Messages of Gratitude

Thank you to you, my friends!
Thank you for your visits and kindness
and for being my friends
but mostly for 
being YOU!

This is our first big snow of the new season
and the first snowman for 3 years!

Happy Thanksgiving U.S. friends,
and Love & Peace to friends everywhere!

It seems I have an IPad Email problem;
I have tried to email you to thank you for commenting,
and they go out into cyberspace.
So, my apologies if you haven't received
a personal message from me via your comment name.
Google+ does not happen, either.
But, I recognize YOU and thank you!



DancingMooney ♥ said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kathy! What a darling snowman! Thank you so much for sharing him with us! :)

missy k said...

Happy Thanksgiving :)

I love your sweet snowman!

Karen x

Createology said...

Your snowman has great creative style and I adore him...and you! Happy Thanksgiving Dear.
Warm and cozy in my kitchen making pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and sweet potatoes for a crowd. Taking to friends home for celebrating.

Linda R said...

Awww.. What a perfect snowman.. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving my friend..


Ophelia said...

Love this!!! Have a very restful holiday!!

Lavender Knits said...

Such a happy fellow!

denthe said...

Oh, isn't he cute ...! Can't imagine all that snow. Here the summer is just starting .....