Monday, December 9, 2013

Journaling Light

The cold winds blow
and though it may not officially
be winter,
it's freezing
so I am keeping sunshine,
 light, and summer
eternally in my heart.

I know I'm a happy January Baby and all...
but I love to feel sun on my skin
and to walk in flip flops.

Keep layers in journals, I say,
not in blankets and clothing!

It was one year ago today
that my Mom took an ambulance
to the hospital
for seven months of worry.
that Mom is back in her own home
and doing well...

Your thoughts and prayers for those long months
Thank you, friends.
Thank you again.



Createology said...

Blessings for you and your mom. Thankfully she is doing so much better. I have lots of layers on as it is bitterly cold here with snow and ice everywhere. "Cheery Not Dreary" is my mantra for this winter. I am doing my best as I am a summer girl too. December Delights Dear...

Ophelia said...

So glad that all is going well with your mom. Love the page you have created!!

Anonymous said...

Love your cheery page, Kath. I'm a happy January baby, too (the 31st!) SO glad to hear your mom is back home. What a relief! My momma has gone to heaven. I miss her so much. Happy Holidays to you and your family. with love always, Gwyn

Marilyn J. Rock said...

What an uplifting post! I'm so happy your Mom is better! Enjoy the holidays! Thank you for your inspiration!

Linda R said...

So happy to hear your Mom is doing well. Keep on journaling about the sunshine in your heart my friend. Love your pages.


Tracy said...

Oh, I'd pop some sunshine in an envelope for you if I could, Kathy :) We're set to exceed 100F next week. It's just wrong for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Happy you have the gratitude sunshine beamin on the inside...we love the the happy ending of your mom's story...and you can always visit me here in florida if you need sunshine...I've been flip flopping my way through winter. Apparently, the north winds decided to skip us.

Danielle said...

Great page and words! I want the warm sun back too!