Tuesday, May 13, 2014

With My Face Up to the Sun

Hope you Mom's out there who celebrate, 
celebrated big and got spoiled.

I wish for you:
springtime sun and warm, fragrant breezes,
tiny flowers of pink and purples,
and the bluest of skies.

Here's to putting the color back into the world
after a mighty long winter!




Satia said...

I hope your spring is as vibrant as this lovely post.

Createology said...

Beautiful Spring Bliss Dear. Your face to the sun! Love your purple carnations. Creative Bliss...

Chrysalis said...

What a lovely page, Kathy - a really beautiful face there. Chris x

DancingMooney ♥ said...

What pretty carnations! That purple is gorgeous!! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day Kathy!! :)

Ophelia said...

I love your collage Kathy. Every single day when the beginning bell rings, and think of you as I count down. Hope you are well.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I hope you've been able to soak up some sunshine since Mother's Day and that you're enjoying
a grandmother's day that lasts a lifetime:)

Kamana said...

hey kathy! hope things are going well and you are enjoying a stress-free weekend with your loved ones. hugs and much love.