Friday, July 25, 2014

colorful footprints...

Journal playing
about summertime paths I've been on
moments to remember.

I am still so thrilled to be able
to nurture my self
fill up.

My heart bursts with gratitude,
my soul is filling with Light again,
my teacher self is refueling and reflecting,
amidst sunshine & blue skies.

I can actually feel the four walls
coming apart and floating down
into little bits of inspiration
and better ways to teach.

We fit twelve months into ten,
and then relearn how to slow down.

It's quite amazing.

This morning,
I finished redoing my Spelling curriculum
for the year...
but I did it with my journal 
and art supplies on
one side of the dining room table...
and my coffee in the center.

It's the simple pleasures...!

I think, for myself,
there is nothing better than
accomplishment mixed with freedom. 



Mary Brack said...

This is great, Kathy! I love the phrase "accomplishment mixed with freedom." So glad you are enjoying your summer, slowing down, and filling up!

Jennifer Richardson said...

"accomplishment mixed with freedom"....yes!
Cheers to that and to
your flip flopping ways;)
I love the little flip flop stamps and the way you express yourself. It's freeing to me.
Thank you!

Kelly R said...

What a fun journaling page. I like the flip flops and the joy this page brought you.

Createology said...

What you have expressed is so right on. Lovely page reflecting Summer and how we recharge our selves. Creative "Accomplishment mixed with Freedom" Bliss...