Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Journal...and Baby Andi

...a work in progress

I'm feeling under the weather today
from a mysterious food allergy...

Yesterday, I painted with gesso and acrylics...
Today, I did a little collage, using a fave photo
of my flowers from last summer.

Look out world! I can crawl!

Uncle Drew (my son) and Andi (my 7 month old granddaughter!)

Scootching around is hard work.
Have a happy day!


Createology said...

So sweet to enjoy Baby Andi and your son playing together. Gorgeous pages looking like a beautiful sunset over the ocean in some Carribean get-a-way. Hope you feel better dear...

eli said...

Such a cute lovely baby!!!
And I'd like to know: when I use acrylics and gesso, it gets a bit difficult trying to paste any piece of paper. What do you use? It looks perfect! ;)

Jennifer Richardson said...

It's all art, your whole world,
and that last picture just
melts my heart so sweet:)
Thanks for reminding me to journal, friend.
I love the way you do life.

Cat said...

I was hoping to find a picture of Baby Andi here today, and what a treat to see her napping on her quilt! : ) She is adorable! And crawling now! Wow.

Beautiful color beginnings for your journal page! Orange and aqua are at the top of my favorite list! Hope you are feeling better.

Smiles ~ Cat