Sunday, October 12, 2014 my journal

Hello, friends.

This written page is a collection of thoughts
that have been swirling in my brain this past week.
Two of my students had devastating
crises in their little lives, and we are all
holding one another up.

It takes a village.

Smile.  Love one another.


Chrysalis said...

That's a beautiful page, Kathy - full of light, colour and hope. Hugs xx

Jennifer Richardson said...

Teachers are angels, in my book.
Heros. I'm so grateful for the way you care and serve.
Thank you,

Satia said...

This is such a lovely post. I never really know what to say except thank you.

Nancy said...

These kids are so blessed to have you for a teacher. One that is caring, loving and wise….

Your journal page is beautiful…It's always more interesting to journal on a beautiful background….

missy k said...

Beautiful journal page Kathy ... I hope things work at well

Karen x

Createology said...

Thankfully you and the village are there to support those little children. Bless you dear...
Your journal page is beautiful.

Cat said...

So sad when children have to deal with crises. They are blessed to have you for love and support.

Juls said...

Love the teal and one together :-) xx