Wednesday, May 13, 2015

One Sweet Day


Every year I invite the head of the ONLY gum ball making factory in the U.S. to come into my second grade classroom. Today was the Tutti Frutti sweet day! He demonstrated how to make gum, and entertained, and let us all chew and blow bubbles!  I invited 80 people, big and small, to join us!! Next month, we will walk there for our favorite field trip, and get a very private tour!


Jennifer Richardson said...

That is unbelievably cool!
You're the hostess with the mostest, even teaching:)
Every kid should have a teacher
like you. What a world it would be:)

Bravo and love and huge end-of-year grace to you,

Createology said...

Oh this is great fun! Your students are the lucky ones who have you for their teacher!! Blowing Bubbles is Creative Bliss...

Kristin said...

Oh, this is amazing!!! Lucky kids ;) xoxo