Monday, July 6, 2015


Watercolor collage in my art journal.

Writing finally, on a collage I did a ways back. Words don't always come at the same time as the art.

Thank you for your flu get-well wishes. I have labeled these looong days: The Ten Days of No Dinner Plate. 

While I am grateful for ginger tea, Saltines, toast, and rice, I hope to be without them SOON! When I get my first bite of something yummy, you'll all probably know it!! Ha

Joy to you this new week!
Love, kath


Createology said...

You are so correct that words and art do not always come together at the same time. Your watercolor page is beautiful. Healing Energy continues...

Bevie Sams said...

Hi Kath, I so enjoyed visiting your blog's been awhile, but I will come back soon...have a wonderful week dear, blessings,

Jennifer Richardson said...

I always wondered about your you have the words first
and then make your art or the other way around. Nice to hear how
your journey starts. It's such a sweet inspire to come here
and I'm glad your dinner plate is full and interesting again:)