Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Book, a Journal, Heart-Thoughts

  Quiet time on a Saturday.

I am so happy and grateful, not only when I get time to read, but when I read a book that touches me.  Have you read any novels by Ann Patchett?



Diane Baker-Williams said...

I have not. I am using a discarded book, Gifts From the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh in my ar t. Journaling and found myself drawn to her writing. Which of her books are you reading? Is it her writing or messages that you are drawn to?

DancingMooney said...

I've been looking for something new to read. I'll have to check out both of the authors you gals mentioned.

Kathy, I love that rubber stamp. Everything Happens for a Reason. ♥


Createology said...

This blue journal page is grabbing my attention and making me very happy. I have not read any Ann Patchett however her books look very interesting so I may have to try one.
Stay safe and warm dear.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love your page and just the way you wrote about
time to read is delicious to my soul.
I haven't read a book cover to cover in such a long time.
Lots on audible while I work with my hands.
But the sit down on a beach or in a comfy chair and read a book's been too long.
Once this wedding is thoroughly enjoyed in the weekend to come,
i'll do it!
Love you:)