Thursday, August 22, 2013

oh, Summertime...

Though I went to work yesterday for a workshop,
today and tomorrow
I still have summer, I am

journaling softly,

napping happily,


 listening to the Silence,

 and watching my flowers grow.

oh, and watching the Corn Moon, Full Moon.
Hope you caught it too.

Dear August,

You are going quickly, too quickly for me
 but I am grateful for you. 
Allow me to strengthen and prepare for the school year
to come...

and still soak up your light...
for a couple more days...


PS. Thank you so much for your Grama Congrats!!!
Yes, to  bring another sweet Capricorn Girl
into the world is pretty cool...ha!



Jenny said...

Sounds heavenly Kath.... enjoy... love your serene page... and your beautiful pics...

Jenny ♥

Donna Wynn (Yogiknitgirl) said...

A beautiful and peaceful post Kathy ... I always love seeing your photography and what you are up to! ps I am reading Creative Thursday too!!! I always feel so at home here on your blog ... what a beautiful spirit you are my friend!

denthe said...

You can feel the peace and quiet in your journalpage, the feeling of contentment and relaxation. Hope you can keep feeling this when the hustle and bustle of the new schoolyear arrives! Those flowers are so beautiful, and I love how you managed to capture the moon in between those trees....

Anonymous said...

Kath, you are my little Renaissance artists, with your wonderful multi talented approach to recording your life. I adore this post with its combination of art journal page, photos, and gorgeous words. Love you, sister in art! :) Gwyn

Unknown said...


Createology said...

August does come so slowly and then goes so quickly. Enjoy every minute of your time away from school. I did see that glorious moon! Blessings dear...

Anonymous said...

sounds heavenly, Kath...the journal, the flowers, the gorgeous moon and the happy naps! (I'm a big fan of naps too.) sounds like a lovely summer...hope a little summer travels with you through the year...cheerio

K J D said...


I love the idea of watching the flowers grow. It made me smile :)

I saw the moon too... stunning.

August is going too quickly for me as well, it's really quite scary how time seems to be speeding up.

Karen x

Jennifer Richardson said...

You make Summering sound so lovely
it relaxes me to the marrow.
And I'm so grateful that a sweet
girl child is going to be able
to call you grandma:)
You'll be a dream of a gramma:)

Jenndalyn said...

Just beautiful! I love how this post softly flows, like a warm August day :)