Monday, January 25, 2010

A Walk Down my Little Road...

...will finally show you my excitement
that the exterior is getting finished
on my 160-ish-year-old home!
Years of anticipation. It's coming! It's coming!
I like the grays.
The darker charcoal gray shutters may be here
in a couple of weeks.
And, hold onto your hats...feel it...feel it...
I have a closet inside! Yes, it's been months
and I have a closet. This calls for a party.
I want to picnic in it. Oh, the little pleasures.
A closet again.
Even my clothes piles are happy.
Construction people are marvelous.
Construction at home is loud. I am so ready for quiet...♥
Wishing you all a peaceful winter day.


Cat said...

Absolulty exciting!!!
You have a beautiful home, I feel the happy.

Anonymous said...

I love how excited you are! The outside looks fabulous with the gray.

lori vliegen said...

your house is fabulous!!!! i'm SO happy for you that the peace and quiet is almost upon you! your idea of celebrating with a picnic in your closet sounds there room for two.....i'll bring the chocolate!! hugs, :))

Lancerika said...

what an AwEsOmE home♥
it is going to be
so much FuN
for you
when is done!!

Anonymous said...

Kathy it's coming together so beautifully! Yay miss, can't wait to see some new pics this spring!