Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nothin' Honey

What do you do when you don't feel like doing anything?

I should be exercising or vacuuming. I suppose I could still do those things this evening...but... etsy window shopping and Blog reading sound so much more relaxing and fun and completely irresponsible right now...and that's what I need. ♥

1. Winter Fairy Print by FlorLarios
2. Seedling Gold Necklace by Miabeads
3. Serving Bowl by DarriellesClayArt
4. Royal Dodger Blue cup by CircaCeramics

1 comment:

OneCraftyFox said...

When I am feeling so lazy that my fingers don't even want to click on the keyboard, I lye in bed and watch movie classics.

The blue cup is fantastic!