Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Trip to the City...

Michael and I had originally intended to go to the Botanical Gardens in Buffalo yesterday evening, but when the Lake Effect Snow got bad, and the driving worsened enough at heavy-traffic time, we decided to be more spontaneous a bit closer to where we were!

We stopped in at an awesome diner, Lake Effect Diner ( how cool is that?), which is actually quite famous now, and a place we'd never been to before. We had a delicious cup of coffee and shared potato pancakes (because I craved them all of a sudden-weird, I know, but they were scrumptious, too).
Then we braved the blowing snow once more for a walk across the street to an irresistible Buffalo Bookstore, Talking Leaves Books. I LOVE books, so this was a huge thrill for me. I kept smiling. I stood in one place and just gazed all around, with my hands still in my pockets, trying to decide where I should begin opening pages first. Ahhhh.

I actually purchased a book that I would never have predicted I would have been so incredibly attracted to since I'm not usually such a history buff. It's The Hemingses of Monticello, by Pulitzer prize winning author/historian Annette Gordon-Reed. How fascinating to be reading the details of lives 250-300 years ago about a time that was so devastatingly sad but should never be forgotten. Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings. I was hooked and wanted to devour this book instantly.
Next, we drove a very short distance to Shango, a restaurant that is so wonderful, not just for the amazing food, but for the warmth of the atmosphere. A glass of riesling, an appetizer of avocado rolls and salad with fresh greens, walnuts, and yummy natural dressing, and then chicken and cheesy pasta for my entree. Oooh, I over-ate. But the candle was so nice and the music was so addictive and the heat was on, making me feel all toasty...We had such a good time.
Back to pick little Ellie up from Grama Z's. She was a puppy who was happy to see us again!
(I promise I'll clean and organize better today...!) ~Kathy


Cat said...

That sounds like a really pleasant evening! For some reason reading your post has made me hungry.

Smiles, C

Lancerika said...

Lake Effect Diner is so CooL!
Shango sounds like a delicious place,
you both enjoyed a fine time together♥
Thanks for the book tip,deer friend♥
Big T.Jefferson fan
Happy W'end
to you all!

Veronica said...

That diner looks so American! The book shop sounds like my kind of place. I really miss the bookshops in London (I lived there for a year or so) There was sooo much choice, isles and isles of books to browse.

OneCraftyFox said...

Very cool! Sounds yummy too :)

PaperPumpkin said...

It really was so much fun!