Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Journaling

My art journaling relaxes me and makes me feel really happy. I smile to myself when I am in my PaperPumpkin room, creating. How wonderful it is to have a small, private, happy space in the world.
Do you have a space in this big world that is yours? What makes you feel really content?
{The page on the left is about the loss of a friendship.
The one on the right: I am a morning person.}


lori vliegen said...

i'm so happy that you're able to find some time for yourself in your very own paperpumpkin space.....and your journal pages are so fabulous!! i hope you're also giving your creative flow a break every now and then to nibble on that chocolate bunny......xox, :))

Lancerika said...

your art journal looks so pretty♥
So happy that it makes you happy!
nice to have your *own little world*
and like Lori says,a itsy bitsy tiny bit
of your giant
chocolat bunny for extra sweetness:))

lillalotta said...

It looks wonderful, and it is a blessing to find such joy in what you do.
I kind of jump from one thing to the other, which makes me a bit dizzy, but I am harmless nevertheless :)

Cat said...

Just this little view of it is wonderful. Your art journal must be medicine for the soul.