Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not Just Any Tuesday

This is Ellie's first spring.
Everything is so fresh and new to her. She's a very curious little explorer.
Her wonder has opened my eyes a little more.
She stares at the movements of a worm, so I try not to dislike them so much.
She touches her little paws to the bark of a tree and I see its texture again.
She tilts her head at a squirrel and I wish I knew more about animal communication.
And when she sticks her nose inside the tiniest yellow flower, I melt.
How did I go so long without a puppy, without Ellie? ♥


lillalotta said...

Oooo how very sweet! We want to get a wee doggie ourselves this Summer. We have waited for the littlest children to be a bit older... we can't wait!

Createology said...

How wonderful our fur-children are for us. You have said it perfectly. Some days I do nothing but enjoy the wonder of my Sasha BooBoo kitty and how she fills her day. Happy Spring to you and Elli.

Lancerika said...

Ellie is getting bigger,super cute!
it seems that you both are enjoying
some beautiful Spring days♥
love the purple flower..

lori vliegen said...

such a sweet little ellie for sweet little you! it's puppy love, for sure! hope you're feeling better.....xox,:))))

Shona Cole said...

oh what a cutie. i love spring too.

so you saw you won the ATC, sorry it is not the kit, but it is something :) can you email me your address to shonacole at aol dot com? thanks


Cat said...

Ellie is one good looking dog! I'm glad she is filling your life with joy. Her eyes just say "I want to explore!" This is a sweet wonderful poetic tribute to her first spring!