Monday, June 7, 2010

Lupine Love

My Mom-in-Law has an incredible way with flowers. If you've ever read the beloved childrens' book, Miss Rumphius, "The Lupine Lady", which isn't really just for children, you'll know that she made the world a more beautiful place. That's my Mom-in-law. Here are her lupines:

Me, well it's hit-n-miss. But I do know that when I was a little kid, I really thought that these teeny tiny clover flowers were vanilla, or at least they were where vanilla came from.

I hope that your gardens are springing to life and that you find time to enjoy! ~K


Jennifer Richardson said...

Loved reading that book to my kids when they were young; bought a fresh copy two years ago when we visited Maine and I was loopy with joy over the lupines everywhere! Love the photos...many smiles:)

PaperPumpkin said...