Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's How One Looks at It...

This is difficult for me to share, but you have been so wonderful and supportive, that I thought I would open up more.
If you do want to read the words, you'll know that I have to undergo some treatments and therapies for an illness. Please know that it is NOT cancer.
I am sending prayers to those who suffer more than I do, to those who do have far more to overcome.

Love, me♥


Createology said...

Prayers and good thoughts are for you. Your wonderful outlook and art will help you more than you know. Friends and family hugs and love...priceless!

Suziescards.etsy.com said...

You are and will continue to be in our thoughts.
As you deal with this, remember how many people, some of which you have never met face to face, are thinking of you.
Stay strong & positive!

lori vliegen said...

i've had times in my life where fear moved in and made himself at home.....until i finally kicked him out!!! he tries to sneak back in every once in a while, but i'm on to his tricks now.....
i hope that you're feeling a bit better.....know that you're always in my thoughts, sweet friend! xox, :))

laundrygirl said...

You are amazing. There is grace in your manner of coping with such hardships and I admire that. I am definitely praying for you and thinking of you as you move forward courageously.

Lancerika said...

Deer *firefly friend*
We are very sorry to hear
about your difficult
situation,we know you
will beat this!if there
is anything we can do to help
please ASK!
we are seeing TONS and
Tons of Mountain fireflies..
they are sending you a big BLAST of
positive energy!
love your
butterfly page.

Mary said...

Thank you for sharing, please don't think just because there are those that "are worse off" means what you are dealing with should be discounted. A counselor once told me, "if someone is run over by a car, and only your toe is run over, does not make your toe hurt any less. You matter - greatly!!!


The Dreaming Bear said...

Greetings from Iowa! So nice to "meet" you and your lovely blog! Your pages are full of great color and the texture is wonderful! Sending positive thoughts your way.

beth said...

let me add my prayers and thoughts into the pool with all your other well wishers.....

Kolleen said...

thinking of you and
praying for you.

be strong.
be kind to you.
and know
you are not alone.


PaperPumpkin said...

Thank you SO much. I really FELT your prayers around me, and I was calmed.

Ophelia said...

Thank you so much for sharing this....Gigantic blog hugs to you and sending love your way. Once again, thanks for sharing this...