Sunday, November 21, 2010

Heart Filled With Love & Gratitude!!!

Oh my goodness! Can it be? YES!

My brother, Jim, has had to move across the US in order to keep working. He thought it would be for one year, but it has been 3 years and 2 months of living in Florida while all of his family has stayed here in WNY. A lot of trips back and forth... But yesterday morning, great news! Jim has landed a job here and is moving back home for Christmas!!!!

We've always been close, being only 15 months apart in age (he's older, haha).

Welcome Home, Hime!♥♥♥ WooHoo!


bricarwaller said...

Congrats! It will be a nice Christmas:)

Jennifer Richardson said...

Heartwarming, Kathy!
So glad for you both:)

taylor said...

That's great news. Thanks for the comment. I am sure this will be a better week. Have a great holiday. xxoo,Taylor

Mary said...

oh yes, a wonderful thing to be grateful for.
such a sweet picture of the two of you.

Ophelia said...

So awesome!!! Such a blessing for your family!!

Jill said...

How lovely to have your brother living near by again.

beth said...

sibling love at any age is AMAZINGLY beautiful !!!

Lancerika said...

AwEsOmE News!
It is going to be
a joyful Thanksgiving!
You both look so very

Anonymous said...

Yay! What a great holiday gift!

Christine said...

Oh, this is so wonderful for you :-))) What a gift!

:-)))I hope yoga will be great next week. Miau ;-)