Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday's Gratitude

Memories and Relics

I am grateful for the fact that there are people who care to preserve,
and share the old,
the antique,
the vintage,
the past.
I love to look at pieces of life from long ago and picture in my mind the person creating it,
or choosing it as a gift,
I wonder what that person would think now.
I wonder how she would feel to know that what was once in her sewing room
is now being smiled at by hundreds of admirers?
I always feel that connection.
It warms me and comforts me.
It always makes me smile.


Createology said...

Your words are exactly how I feel as I enjoy the vintage, antique and all things before me so very much. Happy Gratitude Sunday...

Jennifer Richardson said...

Somehow reminds me of the
cozy feeling I got reading
and imagining
the "Little House on the Prairie"
series to my kids.
We "saw" it all with awe.
Warmed and comforted me, too.

Martha Lever said...

I love having things from my past around me and thinking about those things too. If these relics could talk they would surely tell us some stories. And your Ellie is just so precious.

Lancerika said...

What an AwEsoMe sewing room,
I'm hopelessly romantic
about most things vintage...