Monday, March 14, 2011

Like a butterfly...

I had to acclimate
reenter the earth's atmosphere today

Monday after
the epidemic
that hit the district
me out
two and a half days
them out
eight on Thursday
six on Friday
six again today.

scrap most of the plans
catch up
wade in



Createology said...

Kathy you just continue to bring the important things back to the basics and make them copeable. Your journal pages are like a wonderful gift. Continue to feel better and breathe...
Maybe your school district could "Lysol" the entire place so nobody else gets sick!

Rebecca Anthony said...

Wow, so beautifully written and put into your journal!

Rebecca Anthony said...

I am so honored to be a part of your favorite things Kathy(O: Thank you!

Susana Tavares said...

I really love your journal page!!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

beautiful journal page
and big easyness to you!

Ophelia said...

This is REALLY a wonderful page!!

Anonymous said...

No matter what, you are always strong. I love that about you! ♥

Lesley said...

Beautiful pages. Continue to go slowly and take care of yourself.
Lesley x

Lancerika said...

Pretty awesome page!
*like a butterfly*...
a chocolat and cream colored
butterfly came by during this
warm day...beautiful!
Spring is here...

Juls said...

wow this is fabulous...I love the eyes behind the script detail, so creative!!! Love it! Hugs Juls