Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tenacity, Yesterday's Walk, and Journaling

The smaller page on the right began as just a watercolor wash. Then I felt like bubbles were in order (!) and then the organized-wanna-be side of me needed lines.

I couldn't get that tenacious frozen hydrangea out of my mind, so I decided to write about it. I have always considered perseverance to be one of the greatest qualities to have, and so...I need to be as perseverant and strong as this gentle looking, but tenacious, flower.

Have faith.
Move forward.
Carry on.
Build a bridge and get over it.
All those things I say to myself.
"It's not what it could be; it's not what it should be; but it is what it is."



Lesley said...

Sounds like you're giving yourself a good talking to!!
Love your journal page. I love it that everything hangs together once the text has been added.

Createology said...

And, "it takes as long as it takes!" is a favorite of mine. Your words of wisdom are very true for many of us. Let us "build a bridge"...

Marilyn said...

A lovely post. I need some of that tenacity.