Monday, November 28, 2011

I Miss you...I'm Here...and etsy Shops SALES!

Ack! I don't like it that I haven't been able to be around as much this past week! I miss you! Parent-teacher conferences went well, but with the holiday (Thanksgiving was filled with gratitude) and 4 days of migraines, I didn't get on my computer, nor did I work in my journal.  Oh well, weeks are like this!

The good news is that our weather has been more spring-like than wintery so I feel like we cheated my least favorite season out of another month! yay!

More good news: Cyber Monday brings sales!  Stop by and pick up a few gifts under $10 or $15 and avoid crowds... PaperPumpkin.etsy here...

...and my daughter, Mia/Michelle here for jeweled lovelies from LoveMiaShop!

Hope you are off to a wonderful new almost farewell to November...{sigh}.


Jennifer Richardson said...

sending love and bright hopes
that your etsy shop is bustling with
happy shoppers this season
and only when and as it doesn't stress
or stretch you too thin:)
Cheering you on,
(looking forward to January when I'll be able to come around and shop again!)

Anonymous said...

glad youve beaten away the migraines! nasty things! and yay for spring like winter weather.