Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dear Santa,

In second grade, students have to learn
how to write friendly letters. 
 We do a lot of them...

...but I bet that the letter to Santa is their favorite.
What do you wish for?

One more week of work, then I have a Christmas vacation!


laundrygirl said...

Such great letters! Wow - you are working all the way up until Christmas??

Jennifer Richardson said...

sooooooooo sweet!!!
thanks for sharing those letters
...reminds me to see through
shinier eyes:)
and hope this week is
peaceful on your piece of earth.
love and thanks,

Cat said...

ahhh... letters to Santa. Sweet innocence.

Your holiday decor is pretty.

I hope this coming week is great. Breathe deep and enjoy!

JessiVille said...

I so loved the letters to Santa! How fun and sweet! They give me warm and fuzzies. Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!
Jessi xox

Juls said...

brill photo and cute letters! Hugs Juls