Saturday, December 3, 2011

Settling in...

...for the winter.

 Tired hydrangeas, but still so very beautiful.
Sleepy Ellie. Sh-h-h

We slowly get ready for the holidays.

Outdoor lights on the backyard evergreen,
to enjoy in the evenings.
My nightlight.

Beautiful December beginnings to you!


Linda R. said...

Sounds like you are enjoying the season. Thanks for sharing you photos with us!!


Nancy said...

What a wonderful reminder to slow down and enjoy what this season is really all about...Love....

Martha Lever said...

Hi Kath! Your pictures are lovely and I too love dried Hydrangeas! And I always love seeing sweet Ellie. So precious. Thanks for sharing these wonderful peaceful photos. I just went ahhhhhhh...when I looked at them.

Ann Marie said...

my hydrangeas are tired too! and i love that door wreath!

Jennifer Richardson said...

your nightlight!
I love that:)
Happy bright December,

Cat said...

Ellie has a monkey bed! She must like it by the fire too! She looks so cute!
Happy December!