Saturday, May 26, 2012

Finding Happy

Just a saying I tell myself often.

It also helps to
have another sunny day off...

Seems like I am walking through
a Silly Tunnel this weekend,
because of yesterday
and now this morning...

I have to share another funny
with you:

I took my little Ellie (toy fox terrior)
for a long walk early this morning
before it got too hot.
Along our way,
a car pulled up and parked along
the road, right in front of us,
blocking our path.
I then noticed that there was
a garage sale nearby...
A couple (about 40 yrs old), got out.
Ellie immediately walked right up
and began barking. I apologized
and explained that she doesn't like men
at first,
but that she's friendly and won't bite,
(and yes, she's protecting me!).

The man backed off while his wife
explained that they are dog lovers.

She then gets down low, puts her hand
out to Ellie, and exclaims,

"She is so cute;
I want to take her home
and put pajamas on her!"


This gets more odd and funny to me every hour...!!

So, my funniest part of the day happened



Lynn Fisher said...

That's hilarious! I wonder what she meant? But then, maybe she is so attuned she can hear him him "ask" for pajamas...ya think?
Lovely journal pages...and a cutie pie doggie. I would, however, opt for good fitting shoes. : )

Cat said...

Oh sweet Ellie in pajamas...
I have a girl friend with a miniature pinscher, that min pin has a bigger wardrobe of pretties than I do! She has jammies with pink fur and jammies with leopard skin trim, and cute cute cute winter sweaters...
All my Jack Pack has are red fleece sweaters for when it gets REALLY cold in the winter.
Yes, Ellie might like some pretty pink jammies.

Kasha Rolley said...

What a funny story. None of my girls would appreciate pyjamas on them. Ellie is gorgeous and she so looks like my Charli.

Jenny said...

Oh Ellie is just too too cute... I wonder what she would think about pajamas... and funny how odd things like that do get even funnier as time goes on... love your beautiful journal page too Kathy...

Jenny x

Createology said...

I am laughing about that comment...Elle in pajamas! Such a cutie she is...just the way she is!!
Finding Happy...that is all I have ever wanted in life...just to be happy! Maybe that is because I adore Disneyland...the original from when I was a child. "The Happiest place on earth". Who wouldn't want to be happy!!!
Serene Sunday dear...

Anonymous said...

put her in pjs??? really? thats crazy.

Kristin said...

Haha! That's a good one - and kind of a strange thing to say - but glad she did so I can have that visual ;)
Lovely page - love the layering - and LOVE your baby! xoxo

DancingMooney ♥ said...

They all have their quirks don't they... Dogs and their people. Ellie is such a cutie, it's true! :)

Zena said...

Such a funny story, I don´t like very much dogs in pajamas, but she is true, your Ellie is a cutie xx