Friday, May 25, 2012

When Singing and Laughter Came Together

I'm sure we all have moments
every day
that should be written down
so we can savor them
even when the memory fades...

...just a simple page
in order to remember
a simple dork-moment
of mine!

Today is a spectacular day to have as a day off!
What a gift.

Hope you're enjoying
special moments of your own!

What made you laugh today?



Ophelia said...

Love it!!!! Yes, record those moments!!!

Zena said...

Oh... beautiful page, yes, we have to record those funny moments. Thanks for your comment on my selfportrait, I would never undergo comestic surgery, either. I am proud of my age and the social speeches about youth don´t make me feel insecure, but annoyed. Happy Weekend xx

Jenny said...

Another lovely page Kathy... and how true... I love the idea of recording the little moments... not just the bigger occasions in our lives... thanks for the reminder Kathy... I need to do that more... and so glad you are enjoying your day off...

Jenny x

Mary said...

A perfect journal entry...the stuff of life!

Keep singing!


Introverted Art said...

The page is beautiful. And it is so true that a page will stand the test of time, once memory has faded and this is the remainder of an important moment.

Createology said...

We all need to have those fun funky moments and remember them. Another wonderful journal page. Beautiful azaleas. Safe weekend dear...

laundrygirl said...

too funny!

Linda R said...

Such a wonderful way to look back an remember.. I hope you are having a happy weekend..