Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dear Santa,

Here are some of this year's letters to Santa.
The originals, already sent to the North Pole, are colorful
and finished up,
so these copies are only in black and white...but
I thought you might like to smile again at this year's student excitement. 


And below is a bulletin board for December Book Reports!
Children chose a Good-Fit book, and wrote about its main idea & supporting details.
They were all brought in on time this can probably guess why!

I have not been around so much this week.
I rushed my Mom to the hospital by ambulance Monday evening.
If you can put Mom on your thoughts & prayers list,
I would be thankful.



Jennifer Richardson said...

oodles of grace to you, Kathy,
as you love and care for your mom
and thank you for sharing
the simple beauty
of these littles and their
priceless hearts:)
each child is such a treasure
...this week has made me feel
it even more.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thinking of you and your mother. Big, big hugs.

Thank you for sharing this delightful post. It tugged at my heartstrings.

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Oh Kathy, those little letters are SO sweet, thank you for sharing them, and your Mom is in my thoughts too, I hope everything is okay!!! ♥

Juls said...

fabulous! working with children xxx

Introverted Art said...

"can you please bring me a pet hamster? my mom says it's ok." how adorable!!!!

missy k said...

I do hope your Mom is better...

I loved your post. The letters are so sweet....


Anonymous said...

oh how adorable!!! these are so cute :)

Shahrul Niza said...

Awwww.. I LOVE your post today. To read these angels' notes for Santa made my day. Are they not precious?. My love for these kids who really work hard on being good this year :). I'm sorry to hear your mom is sick, hugs, lots of love and healing prayers for her.

Linda R said...

You and your Mom will be in my Prayers my friend. I do hope she is OK.. I just Loved reading those lettered to Santa.. They gave me a smile this morning. Thank You!


curious girl (lisa) said...

these letters make me so happy!

and whenever i see a class bulletin board, i am immediately transported back to my grade school (which was a very lovely experience).

thank you for giving children shelter and love and happiness and purpose in their days.