Monday, July 8, 2013

Faith & Trust :: Art Journaling

I had this sketch looking at me for days, uninspired.
Today I felt it.
Unfortunately, technology is not working for me.
So, here is my attempt to photograph on my ipad, 
which never cooperates,and edit & post from a broken down PC.
Clearly, I need help. (Does anyone know what iOS5, for ipad, is?)

I may have a techno-meltdown,
but then again,
if I have faith and trust...
and endless patience, maybe not...!

Thank you,


DancingMooney ♥ said...

Ah! I hope your technology woes are fixed soon. I'm no help! sorry! :)

Anonymous said...

I have had a love/hate relationship with technology the past few days, too... must be in the air! Hope you get it resolved soon. Love the face - I have such a hard time drawing faces (in general, really) from the side.

Createology said...

No help here...I have nothing "i"Apple. Not that I wouldn't like to but I am technically challenged beyond help. Does Apple have "iHelp"? Journal your lovely art my dear...

missy k said...

What a pretty page Kathy.

I'm no help at all... I didn't even understand the question!

Hope you are sorted out soon :)

Karen x

denthe said...

It looks great anyway. Sorry, don't have an ipad, so no help here either .....

Mary said...

is it in your settings? i think it is just a upgrade for your iPad...they come out every now and again. Mine is updated to ios 6.1.3.

i just download them when they come up in my settings.

i have given up taking pic on my ipad and take them on my iphone...much better photos.

i think the new iPad take better photos.

love the sketching you are doing in your journals.


Yolanda said...

Very nice page. I like the contrast in the flowers.

Taylor schapiro said...

Love this drawing Kathy