Friday, July 12, 2013

Me and my Progress

Above, the completed journal page.

 But below is how it began,
 in my Strathmore Hardcover mixed Media Journal,
 size 9" X 12".

~a vintage
Fairy tale book's table of contents, top left corner,
vintage ledger book, top right corner,
vintage sheet music,
with 3 tickets glued on the bottom.

I then scraped gesso about...

Next, craft paints in aquas, and
white acrylic paint-dipped & recycled 
scotch tape roll (love them!) for the circles/bubbles:

The silhouettes you see collaged at the bottom
 of my completed page,
are handmade, too. I traced a few
magazine model bodies
onto various papers
and cut them out with scissors.
(I sometimes use them for masks, to spray around).

Some stamping "Be You",
and my journaling with just a ball point black pen.

Here is a close-up of the bottom.
Thank you for looking!

Thank you for sharing art journaling with me,
and for sharing your comments,
which keep me inspired,
and make me really happy.



Nancy said...

I love this page and thanks for showing the work in progress....I need to start adding more layers to mine because it really does give yours a depth that mine don't have....I just get lazy I guess...

beth said...

your journal art just continues to amaze me....xo

Christine said...

Love your inspiring!

Jennifer Richardson said...

be you.....just some of my favorite words ever:)
I heard someone once say that if you want to be well, be more you.
I love your heart poured out
in your journal....such a beautiful treasure to share.
so glad that you are,

Tracy said...

Definitely be you! It's who you were made to be, and if you try to be someone else you deprive the world of your unique gifts, talents and perspective. And the world needs them :)

Kooky Makes said...

What a great page, and wonderful to see you process. We all do things differently & it's great of you to share your ideas.

Createology said...

At first glance I see a page with beautiful cool colors and lots of writing. Upon closer inspection with your descriptions...I am amazed at the levels of details that comprise this beautiful page. WOW!!! I love your journaling Dear. May your Saturday be very Satisfying...

Mary Brack said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the tips on how you made the page. I love to hear about others art process.

Karla B aka Lady Skyclad said...

Lovely work!

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking of doing the same thing with silhouettes simply because the stencil ones look so production line to me....I love the originality of your pieces as always.

Liana Yarckin said...

I love seeing your work. you work with color and design so well. thanks for showing your progress pics, too.

Shahrul Niza said...

Gorgeous page!. LOVE the ethereal layering from music sheets & old ledger :).

missy k said...

I loved sharing your process Kathy... I just love your layers.

Its interesting too because I almost always start with journaling my thoughts and feeling as the first layer.... then cover them up!

I love your silhouettes, something else I will be trying soon ;)

ps btw which type of gesso do you use, liquid gesso?

Karen x

Anonymous said...

<3 I like using model bodies too - or I'll get my husband to take a picture of me in a certain stance and then I tape a sheet of paper over my computer screen and trace it. :)