Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sharing :: Soulful Artist Bebe Butler

Hi friends,
Sometimes, when I am just taking a walk
 I have the time to actually just think.
 And this time, when I took my walk,
I thought about my blog friends.

We are not "virtual friends". We form strong
 beautiful, lasting, supportive, real, friendships.
We learn from one another;
we've cried for one another, we inspire one another.
All the time.

 Those that don't get it, don't know about it yet!
C'mon in! The door is open!

I love the sharing
 I firmly believe that we are all connected in this universe.
Spread the love, share the art, spread the positivity, the peace.

I want to introduce you to a friend,
a soulful, beautiful person, and artist 
whom I respect, admire
 and am inspired by: Bebe Butler.

She creates mixed media pieces on wood
 and art prints that are so moving...

Bebe says, "I believe the images you surround yourself with can speak both to who you are, and where you're going..."

Bebe Butler is as true and beautiful as is her art...

I love the way her work flows...
from heart and soul...
the colors
 from a place of warmth and peacefulness.

Breathe in some more beauty and inspiration:

I have included links on the photos,
and here are the paths to Bebe's
 and her gorgeous website.



Anonymous said...

Oooooo LOVE! Love it all! Off to peruse her site. Thanks for sharing your friend. <3

Anonymous said...

You are a big hearted art mama! Thank you! I think it's funny how life mirrors us. As you were describing me & my art, I could have easily used the same words to describe you and your art. Luv, luv luv the post...and luv that I've collided with you in cyber world. By the way, "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry" book looks wonderful...looks like a treat for a slow day and I think there may be a few of those coming ...shocker

Createology said...

Kathy you are a fountain of inspiration and this link is included. I like Bebe's line:
"Art Journaling...A Messy Zone of Delight". This may very well be the phrase that allows me to actually get messy and not mind it so much that it inhibits my fun and play in art. I too love the sharing that we experience here in bloglandia. Peace and Beautiful Thoughts Dear...

Nancy said...

Kathy, thank you so much for sharing Bebe's site...She is so talented and I can't wait to spend some time exploring her site....

Jenny said...

The sharing, caring and connection... all a very beautiful part of blogland... thank you for sharing Bebe's gorgeous and soulful work Kath... her pieces speak to me in profound ways and touch my heart...

Jenny ♥

denthe said...

thanks for sharing Kathy! Love her work ♥

Jennifer Richardson said...

Blogging friends are dear,
so dear,
to my heart.
I love my online tribe
and so get what you mean.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful
heart and her soulful art.
I'll pop over to visit her place
love you big, Kathy,

laundrygirl said...

So beautiful. Gosh - her work is great.
I also found myself thinking how much I value your work and our friendship as I read this post. You mean so much to me.

missy k said...

What beautiful work you have shared..... thank you :)

I feel really connected to my blogging friends...

Karen x

Autumn Hathaway said...

Very eloquent post, and here images and words are so inspired and soulful. Thanks for sharing.