Saturday, September 21, 2013

Leaves, Colors, Children & Journals

Last weekend, when it was so nice outside
 I sprayed inks with my journal in the grass.

Actually, now my sidewalk is kind of colorful.

Listening to the autumn leaves...
How was your week?
I had my school's Open House on Thursday Night,
so it's been a full and busy week,
but good.

The anxiety I always feel inside of myself
around a lot of adults (not children!) is
different these days, so I hope I am learning and growing.

I really try hard to keep the peace within me

I accept that I am shy and introverted
as I open my room and meet lots of parents .
I did a spontaneous writing activity
 with my 2nd graders this week,
journaling about their imaginative play...
 It warms my soul to know that children
still pretend with stuffed animals
and don't just play video games.

My students were so excited.
They thought, wrote, shared.
It makes me remember why I am a teacher.

Have a super weekend,


Mary said...

Hi dear Kathy, I hear A change in you...acceptance and release...

What a wonderful activity for your students that could even begin them keeping a visual journal/art journal of sorts. I think children can draw their feelings more easily than we can.

Have a relaxing and refreshing weekend my friend!


Juls said...

Fabulous page xxx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

a wonderful page... your pupils are happy to have such a teacher.. so much love I can feel!

DancingMooney ♥ said...

What a beautiful story about the writing activity with your students. I'm so glad you're off to a great start this school year! :)

Createology said...

Green and purple are such a lovely combination. Lavender and ferns...
Your open house sounds like you also had an "open house" of your soul. Children are wonderful and have such an unlimited way of experiencing we forget I just don't know! Blessings dear...

Jennifer Richardson said...

They're being given SUCH a grand
gift in having you to teach them, glad you get to speak
into their lives.
Your sprayed pages are gorgeous!
(the idea of your purple sidewalk makes me smile:):):))