Thursday, September 11, 2014

A new kind of happy


So many changes.
Good ones, for the most part.
I got into the rawness of life
and made changes that were tough
but ultimately good.

I do feel a new kind of Happy.



Chrysalis said...

Glad you've found 'happy'. Have a great weekend, Chris x

Satia said...

A friend of mine went through some changes recently after struggling a long time on what she should do and when. Once she took that first step, there followed so much peace.

I hope that's what you're experiencing.

Createology said...

Happy is the only "thing" I have ever wanted and worked towards. Thankfully Happy is something we can attain with purpose and work. Creative Happy Bliss Dear...

Yolanda said...

I like how you followed the lines of the blueberries with your journaling.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love your blueberry blues
and the growing in grace you do
....a new kind of happy is just
so thick with ripe hope.
Thanks for the sweet encourage:)
(I adore blueberries....have a whole pinterest folder full:))

Kamana said...

hugging you my friend from across the miles. it is hard making changes, but we need to put ourselves in focus and make those changes that bring us happiness.

sending you much love.

Juls said...

gorgeous, love the journaling over the berries :-) xx