Saturday, September 20, 2014

You Send Me...

...what I need.

I haven't been around quite as much, I know.

September is a bit hectic in a teacher's life...

...and sometimes I get lost.

But, sometimes I just am too sensitive 

So I need time
to regroup
and pray
and talk aloud to the Universe
that we are all a part of
and trust enough

And here I am.

Peace and love to you,


Cara said...

You are amazing! You are unique and you are loved!
Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love hearing your beautiful heart humming and calling out
through the tangles that come
....your voice is priceless and always worth waiting for:)
You're a treasure, you know:)

Createology said...

Peace and Love to you and your beautiful heart and soul. So thankful you journal and share with us. Blessings Dear...

Kamana said...

wishing you all the love and joy and peace in the world

Juls said...

gorgeous page :-) xx

missy k said...

Beautiful page Kathy...

Peace and love to you too :)

Karen x