Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Finding Comfort

...anyway I can now.

Thank goodness for my journals,
my piles of awesome books,
and candles,
...and a fireplace.

It is 6 degrees F today
but at least my classroom was warm!

I am living up to my Word for 2015
so far.
I did something Huge
that I was finally really READY
to do.
A Big step.
I was scared but I did it anyway.

Wasn't the full moon beautiful?
Bella Luna!



Tracy said...

Oh, Kathy, if I could put some sunshine in an envelope and send it to you, I would! We have had quite a run of days over 100 and up to 111 in the last week. Today we have the much-needed rain.

Createology said...

Oh I am praying for you to be warm and safe with all the crazy cold weather in you part of this world. I LOVE the MOON and watched it from all angles for three nights straight! Bella Luna Bliss...

Sue Marrazzo said...

So Beautiful!