Friday, January 9, 2015

Safe, in my journal...

We had a warm spell around Christmas,
so Lake Erie isn't frozen...
We know what THAT means...
the icy cold winds of 6 degrees F
blew over the warmer lake, and
Lake Effect Blizzard!

We got so much snow in four hours
that everything is shut down

A three-day weekend for me.
Not complaining, since 
we're all safe this time.

Yeah, last month I was in a car accident.
An inexperienced young driver
in front of me
spun out on ice.

I am grateful it wasn't worse than it was.

I am grateful for SO much.



Ophelia Staton said...

So glad you are safe and tucked in at home and especially sorry to hear of your car accident. Glad that all went well though!

Jennifer Richardson said...

I'm grateful for your mending
and for the tucked inside safe
of all your lovies
and send early birthday wishes
that this year finds you wrapped
up in wonder that dazzles and delights, that your heart almost can't hold all the joy poured in,
that you swell with amazement for the grace poured on so rich and sweet and thick and that your dearest dreams burst into blossom:) Yep, I'm wishing it hard for you:)