Sunday, October 18, 2015

Self Acceptance

And realizing it's a good thing. I 'm just me...but that's who I'm supposed to be.

           You are here for a reason.
                  Be who you are.



DancingMooney said...

You are my mantra, do you know that Kathy? :)

Just be Me. ♥

I am trying so hard to practice this.

To find my center. To stop following the rules.

Always love your pages, this one is very peaceful.


Createology said...

And being YOU is the very best thing to do. We are each unique and therefore being ourselves is what we do and we should do it to the fullest and best ability we can. I am ME! Blessings Dear...

Kelly R said...

Very lovely and inspirational.

Missy K said...

No one can be you better than you yourself :)

Love sharing your journal pages

Karen x

Jennifer Richardson said...

SOOOOOO true:)
There'd be a big dark piece of missing sky
without each one of us.
Just a black hole.
I love just exactly who you are, friend:)
Thanks for being,

Peggy Lynn said...

There is, after all, only just the one of us, ever!