Monday, November 2, 2015

Doubt vs Trust

I tend to doubt myself a lot. I keep having to relearn Trust and trusting my own heart.

    No regrets, just learning experiences.

                    Trust your heart.


  Mixed media collage, in my art journal.


Createology said...

No Regrets and Trust Yourself for YOU are Beautiful and Smart and Creative and Adorable. I know my CAN TRUST me.
Creative Hugs to you!

DancingMooney said...

This is a beautiful page Kathy, I love the colors in it.

I think we tend to doubt ourselves through our whole lives, but hopefully that doubt turns into motivation or something similar, that keeps us moving along our journey... :)

Love you miss, try not to over think things. I do that a lot too... always two steps forwards one step back, it feels like...


Jennifer Richardson said...

No regrets. Just learning experiences.
Wow. Powerful words.
You write such potent things, friend.
And that cliff of rocks rising strong out of the ocean;
it speaks of trust, too, doesn't it.
You inspire me to journal
every single time I come by.
Thanks for being true to you
(it encourages the true in me)