Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Snowing Like Mad Out...but Quiet Inside

    I feel so blessed to be enjoying...moments...and
    very loving ones at that.

     Staying warm,
     creating, playing,
     reading...feeling grateful,
     sending love.



Ophelia Staton said...

Its so hard to believe how much she is growing up!!!!
Your pages are amazing!!

Createology said...

These are the true joys of life. So very sweet. Stay warm and cozy with hugs and hot cocoa dear.

Missy K said...

It sounds and looks lovely!

Yes, enjoy every moment.

Karen x

pauline said...

Kathy, your journal pages have become so beautiful... and that little face with the building blocks. So adorable. Love your little dog by the fire too. ;) Happy Sunday! xx

Cat said...

Ah great pictures!!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Gives me such a warm and cozy feeling
to see you and the love that surrounds you
there:) What a bounty of goodness:)
You are one beautiful grandma, friend:)
Much love and grace,